“We mark time sitting at the table.
Year after year, on holidays and birthdays and even at funerals,
we sit and eat and take note of what is the same and what has changed.
We take stock of where we are and where we want to be. And food
is the tonic that makes it all easier to swallow.” - Zahav

Our Mesibah will be held on Wednesday evenings (Dates will be given in advance)
A mediterranean themed evening with an abundance of food served on your table.
Unlike the Mediterranean Feasts, each table will be exclusive, so it will just be your group or date
with you.

Book your table, couples to groups smaller than 10 pax.

Every second Wednesday (dates will be given in advance)

The menu will consist of a three course mediterranean meal.

The evening will be an exlusively interactive experience, although you will be with only
your date or group, there will be a communal bonfire and “kumzits” area.

We accommodate spesific dietary preferences in the context of your group.

Cost: R150/p

You bring your own wine. No corkage.