Full Menu & Sunday Buffets

We offer a full menu during the week: Breakfast, Light Meals, Lunch, Snacks, Cakes, Refreshments etc.. On Sundays we have a Breakfast Buffet and a Lunch Buffet. The cuisine is Mediterranean. Vegetarian options available.

Juice Bar

Started, coincidently, on Spring Day of 2016, our Fresh Fruit Juice Bar. Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruit and vegetable and making it fun, while keeping it healthy for everyone's enjoyment. This is only a start and we plan on growing this Juice bar and to make it truly special and one of a kind in Bloemfontein. At the moment of writing this, we know of nothing like this in Bloem!!

Fresh Produce Market

We stock and sell fresh fruits and Vegetables. Some we grow our selves and some we get fresh and sell fresh. Every Tuesday and Thursday we stock up on fresh produce (Seasonal)


Amongst the Produce market, we sell Eureka Mills Flour, Free range eggs, Free range Chicken, Homemade Boerewors and Mince, St. Dairy Yogurt and Cheeses, Coffee, Olive oil and Olives, Local Honey, Superfoods, Spices and so much more...

Board Game Cafe

Part of CoffeeTalks wants to be a Boardgames Cafe! We have a growing selection of over 40 board games on our shelves for you to come and play anytime!! Every Thursday evening is Board Games Evening. People of Bloem come together to play Board games, great fun!!

Workshop Space / Maker Space

We are creative beings, therefore it's important to create! The reason for the Maker space is to make it easy and accessible for you to come and let your creative juices flowing.. If you're stressed, bored or you're feeling productive but don't know what to do, then come keep yourself busy here at CoffeeTalks. Be open to meeting new people and create things together, collaborate, create and enjoy.