Our Shop

Raw Fresh Juice Bar

Started, coincidently, on Spring Day of 2016, with our Fresh Fruit Juice Bar. Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruit and vegetable and making it fun, while keeping it healthy for everyone's enjoyment. This is only a start and we plan on growing this Juice bar and to make it truly special and one of a kind in Bloemfontein. At the moment of writing this, we know of nothing like this in Bloem!!


We stock and sell fresh fruits and Vegetables. Some we grow our selves and some we get fresh and sell fresh.


We now stock award winning Olive products from Olyvenbosch Olive Farm in our shop. Give their Facebook page a visit. Visit their website www.olyvenbosch.co.za


Bakery now at CoffeeTalks, come and drink a coffee, order a bread and when you leave, you leave with a fresh fresh bread straight out of the oven.

Rusks and more…

Rusks also for sale, big variety and very delicious.. Who doesn't like to dunk a rusk into a nice warm cup of coffee.

Job Creating Car Wash

Another initiative by Mizpah in collaboration with CoffeeTalks Cafe, check it out.