About us

We are a small and family owned and run business in Bloemfontein. We as a family have a heart to serve and we carry that through our lives and naturally through our business. Therefore we conduct business on values and principles that we adhere to and live by as well.

First of all we do believe that we are to be stewards of this earth and therefore we have a responsibility towards how we operate, taking up our responsibility to take care of the earth as much as we are able to do and living lightly. As such we have implemented a stringent waste management program because we strive to run a clean and responsible restaurant. Furthermore we believe strongly in fair trade and fair exchange of goods and services as well as supporting local and our community. For us it’s about fair share and then giving back to our community and nature.

More about our restaurant. Though we started out as a Cafe we slowly evolved into a full blown restaurant serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods. Food integrity is really important to us and therefore we devised a food philosophy of our own with heavy focus on where we source our ingredients from, the spices we use and mix ourselves for authentic flavours and eating together. A big focus is to support local, fresh ingredients as much as we can. Furthermore we place emphasis on fellowship around food and bringing back family style eating to a restaurant table. Sharing a meal together or even just coffee with your friends, family and loved ones is something we strive to promote. When we eat, we are not just satisfying our hunger, we are nourishing our bodies, both physically and emotionally and there’s little things that speak so loudly about community than sharing a meal together, therefore we focus heavily on all three major dietary preferences, vegetarian, vegan and standard diet.

We do not just want to provide the best service, but we want to provide the best experience and we want to share our passion with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read a part of what we do.

“Israeli food is not a static collection of traditional recipes. It is an idea. There aren’t really Israeli restaurants in Israel. There are Bulgarian, Arabic, Georgian, Yemenite Restaurants- and many more. What connects them, what makes them Israeli, is an approach to dinning and hospitality that is shaped by a shared experience.” Michael Solomonov ~ Zahav

Our Food Philosophy

We're not just serving food.

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Feedback from our customers
I initially started having picnics for my birthdays in yesteryears(one was my 40th birthday). I experience peace, and love the vibe at CT. You created very interesting rooms for special chats with friends and family. And the outside meeting area is open and so calm. I always imagined that CT could start with recycling and organic gardening, until I visited them a while after that, and found a wonderful surprise. They make the best coffee, pancakes and special juices. A place where everyone can meet. Also to play board games. Even in the coldest winter. There is a fire-place to keep you warm. There is also a helpful hand if you want to visit CT in your wheel-chair.
Ronél Smith

Ronél Smith