21 Day Lockdown

Day one of the 21 day lock down. It feels kind of surreal, never thought it will get this far, but here we are.

On behalf of the CoffeeTalks team we would like to thank all our customers for the support ever since we have opened. We have been through thick and thin together and here we are again, but this time we will be tested like never before. As we closed our doors yesterday and now heading into the complete unknown, we are hopeful and positive about the future.

It is going to be different however and no one can really say how, but things are going to change. Industries will change, the way we communicate will change, the way business is conducted will be different, but cannot really predict how. It is important however that we remember we are all in this together, no one is exempted from this Pandemic.

If I may ask, let us please remember those in our rural communities in this time, who are most vulnerable and before we start complaining about being “boxed in” and “feel like a prisoner inside my own home” and “I am bored”, count it a blessing and a privilege to have the means to be isolated and protected. This is a time where our hearts will be tested and our true characters will shine. Let’s not be selfish and greedy, because you will be exposed. Let’s show true Love and Compassion, it’s the only weapon strong enough to combat the Fear and everything that goes along with it. Together we will succeed and become stronger.

Stay strong!

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