Coffee Talk

What is it and how?

The idea started back when we hosted our Coffee Talks Get togethers at our cafe, and the basic idea of those events were getting a couple of people together having a casual conversation around a specific pre determined topic. So when we were in lockdown, unable to physically get together we decided to give that get together idea a shot again, but this time, virtually.

Right before our very first “Virtual Get Together” the idea came to call it “Coffee Talk”. So this is how it started in short. The idea of the event still stays the same, it’s about casual conversation around a specific pre determined topic, difference is that it’s over Zoom. The heart of the idea is to have conversation, interactive and not a one sided lecture or talk. We can all learn from each other and share our stories and ideas. It’s not a workshop or webinar so you are not expected to just sit and listen, although you can, conversation is encouraged.

The topics that we lay down are around what we do here at CoffeeTalks Cafe and Mizpah, but also just life in general. We also constantly ask for topic requests. These talks however are not a platform for anyone to force ideas on anyone, it’s providing a platform for safe conversation and sharing and potentially learning something.

As these talks progress we will discover more and more what the general feel is and this event will shape accordingly. This is just the start and we are excited to see where this is going to be heading.