Our Natural Pool

A brown swimming pool? Eew no thank you. Blue is beautiful.

I would agree, a blue and clear swimming pool is ideal. It looks nice and you feel clean swimming in it. A brown pool, it’s “unnatural”, dirty and just no thank you. 

We have been hesitant about making the change, repurposing our traditional pool into a natural pool, with good reason, a blue pool looks nice and in many ways it’s easy to maintain, just a few tweeks with chemicals and boom, it’s beautiful again. It’s now clean. So we sat and we had to think about the benefits of a clear, blue pool. We also had to think about what purpose it serves in our system and is that 80,000l of clear blue water of any utility other than cooling ourselves down one season out of 4.

The conclusion was easy to find. No. It’s 80,000l of essentially dead water and we were not even using it. So we thought about the other side, a living pool. And we saw utility. We were shocked by the sudden realisation that we are now building a system of living water, 80,000l of water that has potential.

High on our prayer list has always been JoJo tanks. We needed to store some of the water that is currently flowing through our property and rain water. Our prayers were never answered, so we thought. Until our eyes opened to the fact that we have an 80,000l storage unit, and that’s 16 x 5000l JoJo tanks. We were speechless. Why have we never thought about this?

We were stuck with the idea that a swimming pool has utility and it needed to be blue. That’s what I grew up with and it’s mainstream. We had to take a step back, and realise that in our system, a blue pool has no utility ( I want to be clear, in OUR system it had not much utility, I am not against blue and clear pools). So naturally this got me thinking about more things in my life. What am I doing and holding on to, that’s dictated by mainstream ideas and ideals, that serves no utility in my system, my own life in it’s current state, but by removing that or just rethinking and repurposing it to serve me on my journey and purpose. 

Yes, this current Pandemic is terrible. It’s definitely not something to make light of because of the impact it’s having on families and individuals and it’s lasting effects. On the other hand, it’s waking us up. To what? To what’s important. To what matters. To find out those things in our lives that seem to serve us and have utility, but in actual fact it doesn’t.

So in anycase, that’s the story about our natural pool. We are excited about it, so now it’s a matter of allowing it to find it’s balance as this is what nature needs to do to thrive.

We hope you are all still staying safe. See you soon hopefully! 😁

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