Our Sustainable Vision

As we continue our journey towards sustainability we are forced to take a step back to get more clarity on our vision and to know where we are working towards and why.

Why this route? All of us here at Mizpah and CoffeeTalks have a heart for community and people and to do our part in being stewards of this earth and it’s resources, being responsible with what we are given to ensure the sustainability of our community and beyond, also with the hopes to inspire.We do believe we all have a responsibility towards each other, direct or indirect and this is based on the golden rule, “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” We do wish to create a space that will inspire and help in any small way possible.

We have been on this journey all our lives, but we do now realise that we have a bigger responsibility as this journey does not pertain just to us, but our whole community.

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Permaculture is known as many things, but I guess the easiest way to explain it is, it’s sustainable agriculture. It’s about implementing an agricultural system that’s self sustainable and growing food and creating energy in such a way that does not deplete the earth’s natural resources. It’s responsible agriculture in another sense. However it is more than just growing vegetable. It’s about the whole system, from creating compost to water heating systems that uses the least amount of external energy for example, to installing grey water systems and properly dealing with black water, recycling and waste management is a big part it and the list goes on. It’s a holistic approach to agriculture and lifestyle.

Then there is also a big community aspect to it as well. One of the ethics which pertains to a permaculture system is fair share. Surplus of whatever is being produced is intended for the community. Community involvement is also encouraged heavily with regards to a completely sustainable system. The core idea of permaculture is sustainability and it provides a framework with various design principles to implement a system that is just that, but it involves community, because that’s a big part of sustainability.

The three Permaculture ethics are:
Earth Care
People Care
Fair Share

There are more to say about Permaculture, but this is just a short introduction.